Kyros: Lessons of a Startup
a book by Keith Mayers

One of my friends, familiar with the affairs of Kyros Corporation, used to say I'd come out with my book about the company before we got our first product to market. I laughed at the time. I had so thoroughly convinced myself that, despite all our fumbles, we'd become rich and successful. There is no company and there are no riches. There is, however, a wealth of experience. This book is the story of how and why we failed, written so that other would-be entrepreneurs and students both of business and of human endeavor can learn something from the mistakes we made.

In looking back over the decade-long effort to make Kyros into a successful venture, I can see, with the perspective of time, the accumulation of errors that snowballed into failure. As we were going along, it was easy to fool ourselves into thinking that mistakes were actually achievements. We ignored the signs. We convinced ourselves that dazzling technological innovations and sheer perseverance were all it would take. In the end, we dug ourselves deeper and deeper into a hole created by a lack of money and a lack of experience.

Yet the story of Kyros Corporation is a good one, worth telling, interesting for its own sake. The purpose of this book is to help others open their eyes so the success that eluded my partners and me might be theirs.

-- from the preface

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